В голове моей Бетховен – крепко сшит, неладно скроен (с)
The astronomer carried a universe with him. It was tucked away in his suitcase, folded carefully so that it would not wrinkle. When opened, the universe was a round, black tent, on which inner surface the astronomer projected all the stars and the planets, and odd things called supernovae, quasars and nebulae. The astronomer was very proud of his universe, and so he went around showing it to everyone in schools and science fairs.

The day he was supposed to come to our school, there were a lot of whispers in the air. Who was this Astronomer, who could carry the universe in a suitcase? Was he some sort of wizard, or a magician?
- I heard he is from another planet, Olli said.
And everybody else said:
- Oh, really! He'll propably come here on a space ship then.
- Do you think he'll take us for a ride?
- Sure! Why not? Olli replied. - I mean, he must be a busy man, but I'm sure he'll at least take us to the moon and back.
And we all agreed.
But, to our dissapointment, the astronomer didn't come on a space ship. No, instead he came on a rusty, blue van. And he wasn't wearing a silvery space suit and a shiny helmet, like we all thought, but a brown, worn out coat and a woolly green hat.
The astronomer's universe was so small, that he was able to set it up to the back of the classroom. And not everyone in our class fitted inside at once. Only five or six of us were invited at a time to step inside, where the astronomer told us to sit down on the floor. He then carefully sealed the entrance and began his show.

At first there was nothing but darkness. Only the astronomer's eyes gloomed in the black endlessness. But hiding in the middle of the universe was a small red button, and when the astronomer pushed it - boom! Music filled the eternity. And slowly, one by one, the stars appeared, circling around the ceiling of the space. And they were so close, that you could have easily touched them, if the teacher wouldn't have told you not to.
From the stars, the astronomer created animals. There was a lion, a bull, a scorpion, and even a unicorn. And there were people too. There was a water-bearer, who I thought was just showing off to Cassiopeia, though she didn't seem too impressed.
- And here, the astronomer said. - You can see the archer.
- That's not an archer, Olli said. - That's a giant octopuss eating the principal!
- Quiet! our teacher shushed him. - Or I'll give you detention again.
Apparently only the astronomer was allowed to see animals in the stars.
After this, the astronomer told long and strange stories about red giants, white dwarfs and huge black holes (but no one really understood why the astronomer had put holes in his universe, since we all knew that if you have a hole in your pocket you are just going to loose a lot of things). And when the show was finally over, the astronomer packed the universe neatly in his suitcase, put on his worn out coat and woolly hat and disappeared in to the distance in his rusty, old, blue van.

Later that night, I laid awake in my bed and stared at the window and the stars and the moon. And I saw a bird fly just above the archers head. I hadn't seen that in the astronomer's universe.

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